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N-Connect - Amstrad NC100/RISC-OS connectivity software
Freeware & Upgrades
FreeTerm - VT100 Internet terminal software for RISC-OS
Java Freebies - Cute game of life implementation in Java
RISC-OS Encheferizer - Muppetise text for alt.swedish.chef.bork.bork.bork
Lipsum upgrade page - Upgrades for Acorn User's DTP aid
nbench for RISC OS - Port of BYTE benchmark for RISC OS (32 bit compliant)
Other Links
distributed.net - The fastest computer on earth!
Kodak DC2x0 Digital Camera and Linux - Quick guide to getting the best drivers


20-20 Software was a cover for all my (Tony Howat) spoddy operations before getting a full time job. Hence most of this stuff is old, however, any releasable bits of free stuff I concoct may appear on these pages.

Our projects

I also worked for a year at Acorn Computers Ltd on their port of Java 2 to RISC-OS, primarily working on validation. They became Element-14 and in turn I finished my year at Pace Micro Technology, working on set-top-box projects.

Other stuff :

Degree Project

I studied Computer Science at Brunel University, and for my final year project I designed and implemented a search engine under Linux in pure C - ie. including the database back-end. Further details are here.

Stop me and buy one?

My two old commercial projects, Z-Link II and N-Connect are available for free download here:

They are released as unsupported freeware.

My RISC User toolbox programming article and software are probably available from the RISC Foundation.

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