Beck at The Kilburn National

Keeping it in step

Date: Fri, 7 Mar 1997 11:44:23 +0000
From: Tony Howat <>
Subject: Re: Beck in Cardiff 

On Thu, 6 Mar 1997, Alan Samuel wrote:

> Heard Beck on,"the Net", on R1 whilst driving home from work
> tonight.
> Said how much he enjoyed playing in Cardiff earlier this week.....
> .... I nearly crashed the fucking car !!!  Beck played in Cardiff?,
> the best thing musically to come out of the states since.... well,
> the last really good thing, (rap & hip-hop probably), played in
> my home town and I didn't know a BLOODY THING about it.   :((((
> He said it was a great night as well, "an orgy", I think he said ?
> Can anyone confirm this ?
> He also mentioned he'll be back here touring, does anyone know
> where & when yet ?  Perhaps he'll come back here as he enjoyed
> it so much.

I saw Beck at The Kilburn National on Sunday. I'd say orgy was a fair
description. Brilliant gig, Beck and his bassist's bodypopping has to
be seen to be believed. The gig started with a masked DJ in a stetsan,
who was doing some seriously funky mixing and scratching, flipping
records round, using his elbow, foot, tounge etc. They played stuff
from the past three albums, including "Beercan", "Where it's at",
"Asshole", "Novacaine", "The New Pollution" etc. Another
highlight was Beck's solo on the harmonica with the crowd providing
the beat. The crowd were going crazy but Beck kept in step :)

The one, the only, the original Beck. Thoroughly reccommended. 


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