Bop 'til You Drop

Well, almost. I doubt anyone could really bop to a couple of the tunes here, but it's all stuff I think is particularly worthy. It's hardly complete, and also includes some stuff that's gone on to be passe through over-playing. Bugger that. They're still top tunes.
"Groove Is In The Heart" - Dee-lite
"Trashcan" - Beck
"Mescaline" - Sultans
"Faster" - Manic Street Preachers
"Babies" - Pulp
"Chemical World" - Blur
"Waterfall" - The Stone Roses
"Rock The Casbah" - The Clash
"What Do I Get?" - The Buzzcocks
"Lenny Valentino" - The Auteurs
"Pearl's Girl" - Underworld
"Creep" - Radiohead
"Birthday" - The Sugarcubes
"Golden Green" - The Wonder Stuff
"Castles Made Of Sand" - Jimi Hendrix
"What Difference Does It Make?" - The Smiths
"I Want You" - The Inspiral Carpets
"Lovecats" - The Cure
"Just Lookin'" - The Charlatans
"Lust for Life" - Iggy Pop
"4st 7lb" - Manic Street Preachers
"Lipgloss" - Pulp
"Touch Me" - The Doors
"Step On" - The Happy Mondays
"Life Is Sweet" - The Chemical Brothers & Tim Burgess
"Sex Machine" - James Brown
"Space Cowboy" - Jamiroquai
"All Across The Universe" - The Beatles
"Where's Me Jumper" - The Sultans Of Ping
"Do U Know Where You're Comin' From?" Jamiroquai & M-Beat
"I Am The Walrus" - The Beatles
"Venus As A Boy" - Bjork
"Hyperballad" - Bjork
"A Design For Life" - The Manic Street Preachers
"Possibly Maybe" - Bjork
"Born Slippy" - Underworld
"Little Fluffy Clouds" - The Orb
"Song For Jeffrey" - Jethro Tull
"Ain't That Alot Of Love" - Taj Mahal
"Sympathy For The Devil" - Rolling Stones
"Ramble On" - Led Zeppelin
"Resurrection Shuffle" - Tom Jones
"Passenger" - Iggy Pop
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