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Stuff I can or am obliged to release will appear here. Or elsewhere. Fun eh?

  • Implementation of a simple neural network - simple neural network in C which will recognise 8x8 bitmap characters. Includes dull coursework writeup. Thrillsome.
  • "Intelligent" Internet Search Engine - my final year project from my Computer Science course at Brunel University. Full research and prototype implementation of a terms database, document analyser etc to form a Google like search engine.
  • dhcptabtocsv - Feed a Netware generated DHCP tab to stdin and this program outputs comma seperated value file containing IP Address, Assignment Type, Lease Time, Host Name, Last Used, Lease Expiration, and MAC Address, optionally just containing a specified assignment type. Dates are converted to MM/DD/YY HH:MM for importation to Excel etc. Will also identify MAC vendor codes and add them to the CSV for each device. [download source]
  • passkit - a simple password generator for UNIX written in C which uses the dictionary to generate reasonably secure but usually memorable default passwords. Also includes simple crypt tool so these passwords can be fed into /usr/sbin/useradd. [download source and Linux x86 binary] [info]

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