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Music Clubs
  • Club Beer - The Swords Of 10,000 alcoholics can't be wrong. The greatest club on earth!
  • How Does It Feel To Be Loved - Islington based monthly club night playing from The Supremes to The Smiths.
Net Radio and Music Downloads Misc
  • flipflopflyin - Pixellated stuff
  • Popbitch - Betwixt infighting and scrounging for money, this site occasionally features the cruel practice of hunting and skinning celebrities for sport
  • TV Cream - Fabulous retro-TV archive
  • Exploding Dog
  • British Lawnmower Museum
  • himonkey.net - The website of a genuine towelling monkey.
  • b3ta - they love the web. Links to stupid stuff and a photoshopping frenzy.
  • Virtual Om - fabulous psychedelic flash art by Larry Carlson
  • Scary Squirrel - Squirrels and marmots!
  • ni9e - on line art thingy from Brooklyn web artists. Includes lots of Nathan Barley like rubbish, but does include some wibbly and cool looking things.
Serious type stuff Web design resources Geeky Humour

These sites may contain sweary language which only nasty bad men use.

Weirdos I know
  • Ptoboley's Page - Purple Swedish weirdo associated with Amanda & Mike
  • William's homepage - Cynical, dangerous weirdo, with psychotic tendencies, obsessed with breaking things with screwdrivers and building dangerously over-powered lawnmowers.

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