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Drunk robot menace!
Unable to keep pace with the relentless pace of the white heat of technology,
Tony was eventually replaced by a machine.
Who am I?

My name is Tony. I live in London, but subvert the area from within, as my heart belongs in Manchester. I'm as young as I feel and as old as 26. Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm sad, but most of the time I'm in the middle and looking bored. I'll put up a picture when hell freezes over.

Vital statistics

6ft 2ins in kitten heels
9 metric tonnes
Three, with a following wind
Special Powers

Drinking, music, pies, chips, mash, friends (not the crappy television programme), dogs, cats, otters, monkeys and talking complete rubbish.


Geri Halliwell, The Generation Game, Victoria Beckham, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Carol Vorderman, Carol Smillie, Ben Elton since "The Beautiful Game", Joe Pasquale, Mel C, liver, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Fergie, Changing Rooms, Alan Titchmarsh, Tony Blair, science fiction, beans and pulses, role playing games, exercise, George Bush (Snr. and Jr), squishy cheeses, horses, Nerys Hughes, garage music, Steps, B*Witched, London Underground, tracksuits, 4x4 cars in urban areas, pain, lumpy mash, Hoxton and Shoreditch, Dale Winton, McDonald's, The Tory Party, heights, Kevin Warwick, The Labour Party, GAP, Ally McBeal, Jim Davidson, Esso, Atomic Kitten, emptying bins, BBC London News, Walking With Dinosaurs, student fees, Cellnet, crap cars with big stereos and neon trims, insects, golf, evangelists, theme pubs, Bono, charity records, English licensing hours, paying a TV licence, British Telecom, southern beer prices, management speak, fox hunting, David Blunkett, corporate culture, tinned steak, The Daily Mail, farmyard smells, seafood, olives, designer labels, Connie the AOL woman, Erin Brockovich, licensed London cab drivers (who are more evil than their unlicensed counterparts) and Uri Geller.

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